Budget Kora

Budget Kora

674 $

This kora is aimed at anyone who is keen to start learning but really can’t afford one of our normal range. The quality is very high but it will not have the fine finish and tone of the more expensive models.

It is a 21 string kora made with hardwood neck, handles, crossbar and bridge. The wood chosen will be  based on availability at the time of manufacture.  We use chrome Gotoh enclosed machine heads on all of our koras.

This kora has a strong European goat skin which is stretched over a smaller but thicker calabash. This combination means the kora does not require a reinforcing ring.  We are working towards this kora being produced in West Africa by Jali craftsmen we know and want to support in business.

There are no options on this kora.  See About Our Koras for more details on the materials we use and the processes.

Delivery and Payment

Pay a 25% deposit per item
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