Skype and Zoom Online Lessons

For several years Adam has been teaching online using video conferencing such as Skype and Zoom, in order to give private lessons. With students as far away as China and Australia we can provide regular sessions for anybody, anywhere in the world!  Our internet connection in Senegal is now as good as the connection in Europe.

We offer 5 x 15 minute sessions, that’s 15 minutes of actual recorded learning, which is bought as an batch costing £55, 65€ or the USD equivalent.  This system works really well for beginners as well as more advanced players seeking to improve, and you’ll be surprised by how much you can learn. This method is flexible and open to suggestion regarding your own timetable and lesson length.  The first session is always free.

As each session can be recorded  it enables you to go over it again as many times as you like. We agree a suitable time for the lesson, all you need is a decent internet connection, a kora, and webcam with microphone.  Headphones can be helpful if you are somewhere distracting.

“ The convenience of logging into Skype once a week is fantastic and the 15 minute format means time and money aren’t wasted while I get the hang of things – I can work on my new skills between lessons, which is highly motivating… I have already made great progress. I can’t believe how much I have learned already and I am so grateful to have such a convenient and affordable means of learning with such a wonderful teacher!
Tamara, Australia

Here is part of Tamara’s lesson way back in 2015!  She began as a complete beginner in June 2014 and has had, at the time this video was taken, roughly thirty 15 minute sessions.  Demonstrating that through regular lessons and personal dedication to practicing, its amazing what you can accomplish.