Learn to Play

Traditionally, kora players grow up learning to play from a young age, within their familes and surrounded by their musical heritage, the Jaliya Tradition.  As interest in the kora has grown globally those wishing to play this amazing instrument have to find other means to learn.

We offer tuition and support to kora players all over the world, using a range of methods including:  Skype  or Zoom lessons (one to one live video call lessons), a series of Video Tutorials, Kora Holidays and Group Workshops several times a year.   Whether you have never held a kora before, or have been playing for several years, we will be able to help you develop and learn.

No matter what the learning method, the ones who succeed are those who regularly practice playing on their own.  Listening is also incredibly important, so if you want to learn but do not yet have a kora or the time to learn, ensure you listen to as much kora music as you can – it is part of the learning process and you can never start too soon. Have a listen to this playlist we’ve created specifically with beginners in mind.

Want one-to-one tuition?  We are happy to try and help you find a kora tutor in your area. Use the form on our Private Tuition page.