Bubinga Kora

Bubinga Kora

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A 21 (or optionally 22) string kora made with a Bubinga neck, handles, cross piece, bridge and pad.  We use chrome  Gotoh enclosed machine heads on all of our koras.

Bubinga is a particularly beautiful hardwood that has a reddish hue and a lovely grain.  Its beauty lies in the cross-graining as well as the colour, but it is much harder to work and blades are blunted easily by it,  hence it is more expensive.   It is heavier than Sapele and Walnut.

Ebonisation: Bubinga is one of the few woods that can be successfully ‘ebonised’.  This is a natural process that can be used to turn the timber black, to look like ebony.   Combined with a real ebony bridge it makes a remarkably beautiful kora and is available as a wood treatment option.

See About Our Koras for more details on the materials we use and the processes.

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Wood Treatment

Bass Heads

Replace up to six machine (treble) heads with bass heads for the lowest strings.

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