Rainy Season Experience

Wild flower in the bush

Because of the CoVid travel restrictions we decided to stay here in Kafountine, Senegal rather than head back to Europe mid April as usual.  This is a new experience for us because apart from the very occasional storm when we arrive in October, we have never been here for the rainy season.  We’ll be heading back to Europe in early August this year to finish kora orders and welcome people to our September workshop in France. In the meantime we have put up screens to keep out the mosquitos; they aren’t really a problem in the dry season so they are also part of this new experience…

It is, not surprisingly, very humid and warm, the temperature gauge seems to be permanently set between 28 and 30 degrees, so gone are the ‘chilly mornings of 10 degrees and lower! No need for a fleece at any time of the day or night, and we try to wear as little as possible for as long as possible.  The gardens and surrounding bush have become incredibly lush, with flowers appearing on plants that we could never really see the point of before!  The architectural bare branches of Frangipane bloom endlessly and wild plants produce amazingly complex flowers. Butterflies are everywhere and the birds are all in their best plumage.  Small Monitor lizards seem less shy and the more common Rainbow Lizards have put on their purple yellow and white suits