Specialist Strings

Specialist Strings

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A full set of strings using hard nylon (and fluorocarbon for the top two bass) that come in clearly labelled envelopes. These strings have considerably more volume and sustain.

They create a more harp-like sound but this can make it difficult for anyone who prefers to play the ‘old-school’ Gambian and Casamance music that is very rhythmic.

n.b. For beginners, we would suggest you start with Standard strings.

– All strings are clear nylon and are provided as one length, enabling you to cut to the correct length and often leave an extra spare.

If opting for 22 strings, the extra string we supply is for the note below the first (bass) C.  So it would be a B flat in Silaba tuning with the tonic (first bass string) at F.

Twisted bass strings are offered as an option – this is a matter of personal taste as if you play more with your fingernails you may prefer straight strings.  Twisted strings can give more volume and a richer sound, but this will vary on your playing style.

You will need to have bass guitar machine heads on your kora for each twisted string.  We normally twist the first two bass strings (or three in a 22 string set) but can make more of them twisted if you wish, just get in touch.  If you have particular requirements, e.g. want really heavy twisted strings, again just get in touch and we can make you a customised set.

We  make the twisted strings up ourselves and generally make them to order and are subject to availability.  If we think we cannot fulfil the order within 2 weeks, we will contact you.

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