Kafountine Bliss!

Looking out over the bush from the roof terrace Kafountine

We’re back in Kafountine!  Adam and I usually leave here in April and come back in October but this year everything was turned upside down, as it was for everybody.  So this time we went back to Europe in August, held a workshop in September and concentrated on making and shipping koras until just before we left France, arriving here 24th December, worn out but very happy to be back 🙂

I was asked if were excited to be on our way here, and I realised that the emotion was in reality relief, not excitement.   Feels more and more like coming home every year.  Now we have time to breathe I’ll be doing a newsletter over the next couple of weeks and will fill you in on the last few months and our plans for next year (subscribe below if you don’t already get my rare updates!)   In the meantime here’s an image I took just a few minutes ago from our roof top terrace in the middle of the bush.