Fireside Kora

people lerning kora around a roaring fireplace

Due to CoVid and various countries quarantine requirements, many of our regular students were not able to join us.  Because restrictions can be applied very quickly, until we actually started none of us knew for sure that it would happen but armed with plenty of anti-bacterial gel it did!  We had a great time with a lovely group who spent a whole week immersed in the kora.

As usual it was a wonderful mix of abilities and the level of dedication to learning was impressive.  That may have been helped by the horrible weather, which kept people focussed and near the fireplace and radiators!  Usually our September workshop has glorious weather and is largely spent outside, with afternoons lazing by the pool or walking through the surrounding countryside.  Hopefully the next workshop (15th-22nd September 2021) will be back to our usual autumnal sunshine.

Photo credit: Jacqueline Dozy