Gig Bag

Gig Bag

Made from heavy duty fabric (1000 denier textured pu nylon) this high-quality, custom-designed bag made in the UK, will protect your kora from the weather, varying temperatures and humidity.  It includes an adjustable long strap to enable it to be carried over the shoulder.

We have three sizes available: small, medium and large.  All are the same price.
Measurements are maximum kora size and mean:
Back Length:   From top of the neck over the back of the calabash to the base of the neck
Zip Length:   From the top of the neck over the bridge to the base of the neck
Circumference:  Around the back of the deepest part of the calabash and over the the bridge 

Back Length: 136cm 
Zip Length: 140cm   
Circumference: 132cm  

Back Length: 150cm
Zip Length: 152cm
Circumference: 149cm

Back Length: 165cm
Zip Length: 170cm
Circumference: 160cm

It is available in black or burgundy.   Other colours are available but you need to contact us to discuss availability and price.   Whilst we do sometimes have bags in stock, the bags are normally made to order and we will give you an estimated delivery date.
Delivery and Payment