DIY Conversion Kit

DIY Conversion Kit

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This assembly kit enables you to change a konso (traditional hide tuning rings) kora into a machine head one, making it much easier to tune.  We use chrome Gotoh machine heads on all our koras.

We recommend that you contact us first to help you decide whether the kora body is in good enough condition to make the expense of a conversion worthwhile.  We can ship the kit to you, or you could combine it with a visit for some individual lessons and convert it yourself, but with the advantage of having us around. Or perhaps come to a group workshop and do it then?

The kit includes:

  • Sapele or light walnut neck, shaped and with machine heads fitted
  • Stainless Steel Eyebolt
  • Set of strings and tail string cord
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Instructions

It’s up to you whether you’d also like to buy a new bridge and pad.  Get in touch if you need help deciding.

N.B. the hole for the eyebolt is not drilled for you as its position is determined by the size of your kora body. Let us know if you would like us to drill that hole for you.

Delivery and Payment

Pay a 25% deposit per item
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