Dark Walnut Kora

Dark Walnut Kora

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A 21 (or optionally 22) string kora with a Dark Walnut neck , handles, cross piece and pad. We use chrome  Gotoh enclosed machine heads on all of our koras.

We generally use the darkest most figured pieces of Walnut, but if you have a particular preference let us know.  This timber works and finishes beautifully.  It is a good locally-sourced alternative to Sapele as used in our Standard Kora as it is plentiful at our French base, in the Midi-Pyrénées.

In terms of sound quality, we’re really pleased with the tone; it provides a good step up from the Standard Kora without the expense and weight of Bubinga.   See About Our Koras for more details on the materials we use and the processes.

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Bass Heads

Replace up to six machine (treble) heads with bass heads for the lowest strings.

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