Keno Kora

Keno Kora

1,700 1,735 

A 21 (or optionally 22) string kora that is made using Keno wood.  We use chrome  Gotoh enclosed machine heads on all of our koras.

Keno is traditionally used for koras and is really brought to life as Adam works and finishes it to a subtle sheen, with beautiful figuring.

We reserve the best-shaped and largest calabashes for these koras and take even more time than usual over their selection and building.  We are confident that these koras are the very best that Adam makes.   It is the culmination of years of experience, of care and attention that makes them special.

All koras play back to the player, it is in the nature of the instrument’s fundamental design and we struggle to find the words to describe why these do more than that.  Apart from their physical beauty they also seem to connect with the player in a subtle way, making it easier to play and for long periods of time. They are always the kora of choice for any experienced player who has had the opportunity to play many different koras – and it has been said it it is a little like coming home.

More information about how we make our koras and the timber.


Optional Extras

Bass Heads

Replace up to six machine (treble) heads with bass heads for the lowest strings.

Pay a 25% deposit per item
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